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Welcome to EUROlocal

EUROlocal - connecting the dotsEUROlocal is the European storehouse on the local and regional dimensions of lifelong learning

During 2011 this site has published a wealth of online information. But we know that there is a great deal more out there. We therefore invite you to enter your own case study, charter, tool, project description, publication or whatever linked to the development of learning cities and regions.

EUROlocal reinforces the EC policy on lifelong learning regions by collecting the tools, strategies, learning materials, reports and everything concerned with their development.

The essence of the EUROlocal project is collaborative and interactive. The partners continue to make significant contributions to the development of the concept and practice of the learning region in their own right. EUROlocal represents an easily-accessible resource for local initiatives to the collective experience and knowledge resulting from these pan-European efforts.

As well as connecting the ongoing learning region activities of its principal stakeholders, EUROlocal constantly seeks input and feedback from new and prospective entrants through its Dynamic Survey of European Learning Regions. If you would like to receive an invitation to participate or simply stay informed
then please contact us.



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PLEASE NOTE:  The EUROlocal project and this website was partially funded by the European Commission, through the Lifelong Learning Programme, project number 505683-LLP-UK-2009-KA4-KA4MP. The content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Commission - please read our Disclaimer.