Clustered Learning Environment Project

Target Sector(s): 
Local/Regional Authority
Target Sector(s): 
Target Sector(s): 
Target Location(s): 

The CLEM project will aim at: establishing three clusters in the project regions.
While our partners in western European countries have profoundly more experience in working with clusters, few educational programs exist that support development of competencies needed to launch, sustain and develop clusters.

First of all, the final product (an e-learning or blended learning program) will be disseminated in the three target regions. We expect that the program will be prepared in a modular manner, so as to allow for flexibility and adjustment to the needs of specific target audiences. They could include representatives of Voivodship and local authorities, representatives of employer associations, chambers of commerce and trade unions, public employment services as well as other training institutions (involved in formal and informal education) or other organizations operating for the benefit of regional development.
In medium term, there is also a possibility of transferring the program to other regions in Poland, and possibly to other countries. On the other hand, we expect that demand for such competencies will be growing both in Poland and in other countries.