EUROlocal Workpackages - Learning materials for regions

PublicationLearning materials for regions - Active learning materials in a variety of presentation styles aimed at organisations involved in learning region development. These will cover many topics and be drawn from best practice examples and contain exercises, lessons, research assignments, case studies and discussion tasks. They will be tested in organisations belonging to the partner networks and featured on the website.


Digital Games for Inclusion.

Digital Games for Inclusion

In June 2012 Aarhus Social and Healthcare College was invited to dialogues in Sevilla Spain with the EU Commission’s research group Digital Games for Inclusion.

The research group’s mission is to prepare future European policy and funding program initiatives in the field of serious games for inclusion, with a special focus on inclusion of young people and strongly linking to innovation of educational didactics.

LILLIPUT Learning Materials

LILLIPUT - 14 modules of learning materials created in 2002/3 on many aspects of Learning City/Region activity.

Each of the 14 modules is divided into topics and each topic is divided into lessons. Thus a typical module will comprise 5 topics related to the theme of the module and a number of lessons for each topic. A complete module comprises:

a)A module description giving an overview of the subject matter and its relationship to the learning city, suggestions for adopting a learning approach and a list of the other modules

b)Module objectives and Target Audiences

LILLIPUT Learning Materials for Adult and Vocational Training

As we progress through the 21st century, adult and continuing vocational education organisations are constantly meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing educational environment. Not only are skills needs different year on year, but also new learning methods, personal updating imperatives and the requirements of students for ownership of their learning imposes distinctly different structures on the institution.

LILLIPUT Learning Materials Module 1 - Introduction to Learning Cities and Regions - Why, What and How

This module is the introductory module to a set of 14 dealing with different aspects of the construction of a 21st century Learning Society in towns, cities and regions. It examines the historical, geographical, educational, cultural, political, environmental and economic factors and trends which make the Learning Town, City and Region an important concept for our time.

LILLIPUT Learning Materials on Schools in Learning Cities and Regions

This module addresses the challenges and opportunities that schools will face in their own journey towards becoming lifelong learning organisations and examines the role they can play in assisting the construction of a learning town, city or region. Children entering primary school this year will leave secondary education in the year 2025 and the, hopefully, many who go on to further and higher education will graduate by about 2031. Hopefully too few of them will consider that their learning is complete. In that period a great number of changes will have been made.

LILLIPUT Learning Module on Language Learning Skills in Learning Cities and Regions

This module develops innovative approaches to widening participation in language learning within a learning city. The Memorandum on Lifelong Learning (2000), Communication “Making a European area of lifelong learning a reality” (2001) and many local programmes on lifelong learning in individual European countries underlined the importance of learning languages, a trend which learning cities and regions will need to emphasise.

LILLIPUT Materials and Resources on Politics and Democracy in Learning Cities and Regions

This module addresses issues concerned with the operation of the city from a political and democratic standpoint. It examines the crucial role of lifelong learning in those processes and emphasises the challenges and opportunities which the city/region will face in its journey towards becoming a learning city/region.

LILLIPUT Resources on Community Development in Learning Cities and Regions - Part 2 Implementation

Module 5 continues the theme of the Community and the Learning city by focusing on the major issues around the effects of the implementation of lifelong learning concepts on the growth of community learning. It contains a wealth of case studies and exercises for participants to study and enjoy. National, regional and Local Education Authorities which adopt lifelong learning as the way ahead are recognizing that it changes the way of thinking and acting between generations and between sectors of the city and region.

LR Lake of Constance - Further training of teachers “Lake of Constance compact”

In the further training of teachers “Lake of Constance compact” regional knowledge is conveyed and ways shown how the landscape of the Lake of Constance can be introduced into the tuition. At the same time the teachers learn to know places around the lake, which are especially worth to visit with a school class. The further education lasts for four days, thereby 2 topics per day are taught.

LR Mainz, Kinzig, Spessart - Accompanying further education for counselors

The current comprehensive changes in the living conditions, the economy and on the labour market demand that the people continuously adjust their knowledge and their qualifications. Lifelong Learning and corresponding offers is asked for. With it the request for competent information and counseling increases, which enables the individuals to form the own education, development and learning process. At the same time the demands on the counselors rise. Professional educational counseling can no longer be done as an aside, but asks for professional understanding.

LR Offenbach - Self-study center

The self-study center consists of rooms where PCs are available for use by the visitors of the centre, designed as an open-plan office. Equipment such as headsets, printers, educational software, books and CDs and DVDs are also at place. The center is situated in the city center close to the pedestrian area. It is easy to reach by public transport or by foot. In the direct neighbourhood is the adult education centre, the further education counseling point (which at the same time is a network partner of the Learning Region Offenbach).

LR VerA - Competence Manager in Handicraft

Since years handicraft dominates the development of Altmark. In medieval times towns like Gardelegen and Salzwedel joined the Hanseatic League and became important. Major roads and also the navigable Jeetze got connected to the coastal towns. The salt road led from Luneburg to Leipzig. The guilds developed in the towns. Already in 1569 the clothier guild of Salzwedel is mentioned, others followed. The development proceeded, but also in the time of industrialization of Germany large firms barely noteworthy established themselves in the region. Instead the handicraft still dominated.

The LILLIPUT Learning Materials - an Overview

The LILLIPUT Materials cover a wide selection of Learning City and Learning Region Topics. They comprise 14 Modules, 71 Key Topics, 200+ lessons and approximately 300 hours of learning material on most aspects of Learning Cities and Learning Regions. Each Module, topic and lesson contains objectives, and suggestions on how to teach them in a lifelong learning way. They were developed in a European Commission Socrates Grundtvig project led by Napier University, Edinburgh (Professors Norman Longworth and Sam Allwinkle) and including the following organisations

The LILLIPUT Learning Materials on the Family in a Learning City

Families are our first and most important teachers. We acquire knowledge from school, but that knowledge is given a context by the family. For example, history can seem remote in textbooks but a grandparent's stories of their experiences can bring it to life.

The LILLIPUT Learning Resources and Materials on the Individual in a Learning Society

Individuals comprise a legitimate and important focus for the development of a Learning Society in a Learning City and Region.