Learning Region (ELLI/EC)

Two definitions of a Learning Region originating in the European Lifelong Learniung Initiative (ELLI) and adopted by the European Commission(EC) for its R3L (Regions of Lifelong Learning)Programme

‘A Learning city, town or region goes beyond its statutory duty to provide education and training for those who require it and instead creates a vibrant, participative, culturally aware and economically buoyant human environment through the provision, justification and active promotion of learning opportunities to enhance the potential of all its citizens.’

‘A learning city, town or region recognizes and understands the key role of learning in the development of basic prosperity, social stability and personal fulfilment, and mobilizes all its human, physical and financial resources creatively and sensitively to develop the full human potential of all its citizens It provides both a structural and a mental framework which allows its citizens to understand and react positively to change’