Stakeholder Audit

A Stakeholder Audit is a tool that enables stakeholders to learn about learning region matters and how they can enhance the performance of stakeholder organisations in the city or region through their responses to a set of questions or exercises. The phrase was coined for the European Commissions's INDICATORS project. It sets up a dialogue between the creator of the audit and the respondee by soliciting opinions, and engaging the respondee in the process of learning. It has several uses
- to raise awareness of learning cities and regions in organisations and people.
- to gather statistics about current performance in cities and their stakeholders
- to highlight issues that may not be receiving as much attention as they should be in the economic, social and environmental development of a Learning City or Region
- as part of a city's continuing professional development programme
- as part of a continuing professional development programme in universities, schools, adult education and SMEs.

There are many examples of this tool in EUROlocal