EUROlocal Audit

AuditData collection audit tool - This audit tool collects qualitative and quantitative data on learning city and region activities, tools, materials, processes etc. Based on an extensive consultation processes with local authorities, educational organisations and partner networks. The audit tool is available in all partner languages.


Welcome to the EUROlocal Audit. The structure of the Audit includes a short introductory section to establish some basic information about your organisation, then prompts you to provide details of your experience.

Partnership, Participation and Performance are key features of interest in learning regions, and have been components within a number of previous audits, including the Indicators project, one of the initiatives funded within the R3L programme of the EC. The recent ELLI (European Lifelong Learning Index), which was based on work of the Canadian Council of Learning, integrates these concepts within its work, and the CCL acknowledges the influence of Ron Faris, a PASCAL associate, in its focus on these three areas.

In the survey for this audit that we now would like your complete, we focus on these three issues in the context of learning city/region development. This survey is designed to be completed in 20 minutes.



General Submissions

If you have already completed the Audit or simply wish to contribute materials to EUROlocal, in the first instance please send an email to attachments can be accepted to this address but if you want to arrange a bulk upload of materials, please explain this and instructions will be sent to you.