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ProjectPROJEKTEK: Európai, nemzeti, vagy regionális projektek, melyek erősítik az életen át tartó tanulás régióinak fejlesztését

The Technological Plan – a developing strategy based on Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (Portugal Innovating)

Plano Tecnológico - Uma estratégia de crescimento com base no Conhecimento, Tecnologia e Inovação(Portugal a Inovar)

Thinking different in economics – workshops for women (Wirtschaft anders denken): Leader Region Lower Austria-south (Niederösterreich Süd)

Women do have a major and active role in the economy. But they are not always aware of that fact. Coping with economic topics is still – especially in rural areas – often a men’s responsibility.

Aim is to educate women of every age and status in the field of economic actions – starting from their near surrounding going to a bigger context. In workshops they get stimulus to think about the current economic situation and try to find alternative solutions for themselves apart from the mainstream. Peer learning is a major method of this project.

Transition of mentoring supported life-long learning in rural areas

The imported project aimed to increase the employability of people in rural areas in Horehronie and Gemer by improving access to training and learning materials. The objective is to transfer existing methodologies for providing lifelong learning - support systems.

youth for the region (Jugend für das Schneebergland): Leader Region Lower Austria-south (Niederösterreich Süd)

Sometimes it seems to be a big gap between youth and the existing organisations in their communities.

This project should help to increase citizenship amongst youth especially for their region and their communities. Youth should be trained and motivated to take responsibility for their region. They should take the role of a multiplicator – to be able to motivate and inform their peers to to develop the region, to do common activities and to be able to create their own visions for the future - for their personal and also professional lives.

“Central Europe” transnational cooperation between eight EU Member States.

The European Commission approved a European territorial cooperation programme covering the period 2007-2013. The programme is called “Central Europe” and is aimed at transnational cooperation between eight Member States.