EUROlocal Tudástár - Szervezetek

OrganisationSZERVEZETEK: Tanuló régiós hálózatok, szervezetek, fesztiválok és egyéb fizikai és szervezeti struktúrák, melyek erősítik, fejlesztik és fenntartják a tanuló régiókat.


AACT - Austrian Association of Cities and Towns

The Austrian Association of Cities and Towns represents 246 members, including all towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants. The smallest city member accounts for 1,000 inhabitants.
More than 50% of the Austrian population lives in urban areas, 44.5% live in cities with 10.000 and more inhabitants. Cities and Towns contribute significantly to the prosperity of regions and their people. They are places of social and cultural diversity and provide innovative strength beyond country borders.

Academia Danubiana

This network of universities focuses on a scientific and educational network within various disciplines and paradigms in planning and systems design. It is addressed to all members of the socio-economic, ecological and administrative community in the broad sense – local authorities, students, teachers and non-government organisations.

Adriatic Euroregion

The Adriatic Euroregion represents a model of co-operation that includes trans-national and inter-regional co-operation between regions of the Adriatic coastline.

The Adriatic Euroregion is the institutional framework for jointly defining and solving important issues in the Adriatic area. It consists of 23 members - Regional and local governments from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

The aims of the AE are the fallowing:
• Forming an area of peace, stability and co-operation
• Protection of the cultural heritage

Adult Learners' Week 2010/Felnőtt tanulók hete 2010

Adult Learners' Week 2010 is the latest national event for the development of adult learning and education based on the co-operation of major stakeholder groups and civic organisations for the development of adult learning and education in Hungary. This event is put into the learning region festival group so as to underline the importance of this event being organised throughout the country, therefore, having links with several regions and their adult education institutions/organisations around Hungary.

Adult Learning - Discover Learning - Dundee City Council

Adult Learning - Discover Learning The Communities and Policy Department has Adult Learning teams working across the city aiming to encourage everyone living in Dundee to become involved in lifelong learning. Our ambition is to create Adult Learning opportunities which are available to all and to create a culture of lifelong learning in communities. Visit the Discover Learning website for more information.

The main aims of the teams are:

to increase adults' confidence skills, knowledge and motivation so that people can take advantage of lifelong learning opportunities;

Agora des Lernens - Dessau-Anhalt-Wittenberg (Saxony-Anhalt)

The lack of professional perspectives in the region leads to the migration of young specialists. Migration and demographic developments sharpen the existing shortage of next generation manpower. This especially affects growing economies in engineering and technical enterprises in Anhalt, Dessau and Wittenberg. The project GRAPS (Creating regional jobs together) within the EQUAL partnership “Jobs for Anhalt – a region helps itself”, will initiate, organise and transform the next generation of manpower in heavy industry.

Akademie Klausenhof gGmbH

Die Akademie Klausenhof ist eine vom Land NRW anerkannte Einrichtung der Weiterbildung in katholischer Trägerschaft mit Standorten in Dingden (Verwaltungssitz, Kreis Wesel) und Rhede (Kreis Borken). Sie wurde 1959 gegründet und hat sich seither zu einem großen Bildungszentrum entwickelt, das auf internationaler, nationaler wie regionaler Ebene aktiv ist und eine Vielzahl von unterschiedlichen Kursen anbietet. Das Spektrum reicht von langfristigen Umschulungsmaßnahmen, Projekten über berufsvorbereitende Lehrgänge bis hin zu kurzfristigen Seminaren für Jedermann.

Akershus University College

Akershus University College has partiocipated in many of the Learning Region development programmes led by ELLI,Napier University, Stirling University and Glasgow University. These include TELS, INDICATORS, LILARA and PENR3L.

AMPEL Network in the Borken District - Living-Learning-Networking (North Rhine-Westphalia)

AMPEL (Arbeitsmarktpolitische Entwicklung und Lebenslanges Lernen) stands for labour market development and lifelong learning and promotes learning especially in biographical transition situations. As essential tasks for the region has been identified to bundle the resources in the region Borken more effectively, to commonly set innovative impulses, initiate regional development processes and cooperatively form these.

Appolonius! Learning Region Marzahn-Hellersdorf (Berlin)

The Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf is a high-rise concrete (“Plattenbau”) estate in the east of the city. Extensive renovation work was carried out at the end of the 1990s so that the buildings are now technically very well equipped. The district, however, is still considered unattractive as a place to live and it is difficult to rent out apartments and commercial premises there. The basic idea of 'Appolonius'is to develop and extend a network of housing administration services, cable network providers and providers of education.

Assembly of European Regions

TThe complex task of improving governance and accomplishing sustainable development can only be achieved through a comprehensive, multi-level and multi-stakeholder approach. In this context, regional and local governance are essential for any successful endeavour aimed at tackling the most imminent challenges we are facing today – namely sustainable development, climate change, migration, poverty reduction, education and the promotion of democratic values.

Association for the Development of Adult Education - Budapest

The Association for the Development of Adult Education is a non-profit professional civic organisation was established to enhance the development of quality adult and lifelong education and learning. Its 5th International Conference was organised around the theme: LEARNING CITIES - THE EXPECTATIONS OF ADULT LEARNERS on 10-11 November 2008.

Association of European Border Regions

AEBR works on behalf of the European border and cross-border regions with the aim to:
• highlight their special problems, opportunities, responsibilities and activities;
• represent their common interests vis-à-vis national and international parliaments, bodies, authorities and institutions;
• initiate, support and coordinate cooperation between the regions throughout Europe;
• promote exchanges of experience and information with a view to identifying and coordinating common interests among the diverse range of cross-border problems and opportunities, and to propose possible solutions.

Associazione Culturale Centotrecento

L’Associazione Centotrecento nasce con lo scopo di svolgere attività di utilità sociale e culturale, senza finalità di lucro.

Si pone come obiettivo quello di migliorare la vivibilità degli spazi pubblici e privati condivisi, promuovendone l’uso, migliorandone l’accessibilità e favorendo le relazioni fra i suoi abitanti.

L’Associazione identifica “abitanti” gli abituali frequentatori di un luogo.


diffondere una cultura della condivisione degli spazi pubblici e privati

Auchenback Community Learning Centre

A Community-based Learning Centre located in the heart of the community, offering a wide range of learning opportunities, in partnership with Reid Kerr College, for those who live within the Auchenback area. The Centre also provides information on Job Search, Interview Techniques and Careers Guidance in partnership with Renfrewshire Careers Partnership and the Employment Service.