Devon Learning and Development Partnership

Devon was one of the most enthusiastic members of the UK Learning City Network and this has resulted in a number of initiatives over the years.
Devon Learning and Development Partnership (LDP) is a leading provider of education services locally, regionally and nationally. Through a unique single point of contact, LDP offers expertise in improvement, enrichment and inclusion services, able to respond to the exciting educational opportunities of the 21st century.

LDP's values are central to the way it works with all its partners and guides LDP in all our activities:

- LDP is an aspirational organisation that aims for excellence in all that it does and is prepared to take risks to achieve its goals.

- LDP is an ethical organisation. It seeks to be honest, fair, trustworthy and open in the way it works.

- LDP is an inclusive organisation that recognises the value of all individuals, celebrates diversity and has respect and equality at its heart.

The educational partner of choice
LDP seeks to build long-term relationships with all the people and organisations it works with. Creating and maintaining partnerships is central to the way it works. LDP's ethos is to combine public service values with best business practice, to deliver high quality services and outstanding value for money. It is committed to continually developing its services and operating at the forefront of educational thinking and practice.

Target Location(s): 
Great Moor House, Bittern Road
Sowton, Exeter