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Creative Cities is a British Council project, set up in 2008. The project was developed in 15 countries across Europe. It provides a platform and a toolkit which can be used by individuals and organisations wherever you may be. Activities are now run largely independently of the British Council, but we continue to maintain this website and to co-ordinate use of the Future City Game and Urban Ideas Bakery.

Creative Cities are successful cities. They succeed culturally, economically, socially and environmentally. They are good places to live: they attract talented people, who attract investment and create jobs. By finding innovative solutions to the problems such as crime, traffic congestion, they make life better for citizens. Think of Barcelona, Berlin or Seattle. The Creative Cities project helps you to make your city a better place to live, work and play in. Whether you are a town planner, an architect, a city administrator, an artist, an NGO, a social worker, or simply someone who cares about where you live, this website has something for you. It gives you new ideas, new contacts, and new tools to use in your work.
New ideas: on-line and face to face events provide opportunities to exchange ideas and find out about the latest innovations in cities around the world. The project’s on-line resource bank contains case studies, interviews with leading experts, articles, reports, news and information. Advertise your own work and events here. Or find out what’s on and get involved. New contacts: meet new people and develop new collaborations at conferences and workshops advertised on this website. Discuss new ideas with new contacts on-line through Creative Cities Twitter, Facebook and Linked In pages. New tools: the Future City Game ™ and the Urban Ideas Bakery. Two innovative methodologies developed by the British Council in consultation with leading experts from the UK, and tested extensively throughout Europe. Both tools engage the wider community in generating new ideas to address the problems a city faces. They can be run by the British Council for an agreed fee, or can be run by your own organisation subject to a license agreement with the British Council.


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