Xploit, another KA4 project with synergies to EUROlocal

'EUROlocal is in close contact with a sister KA4 project named Xploit. Norman Longworth has attended, and contributed to, the first project meeting in Salt, Spain and as a result, has been asked to keep contact by attending the second meeting in Swansea in October.

Like Eurolocal, The XPLOIT Project is a European Project on Training and Lifelong Learning activities promoted by the European Commission within the "LLL - Lifelong Learning Program".

The main objective of the project is 'to create a Network of Learning Cities that, by sharing their experiences, tools and knowledge, will be able to promote a more effective and cohesive planning of lifelong learning initiatives and programs at a local level, to better meet the needs of citizens and to more efficiently allocate resources.'

However, the focus is more on smaller learning communities than on learning cities, the micro to EUROlocal's macro, but the synergies between the two projects are evident. Xploit partners will be contributing to, and drawing from, EUROlocal's database.'

We have asked the partners to make their own contributions to the EUROlocal storehouse.

Norman Longworth