Learning Region Cham (Bavaria)

Inhabitants of small village communities are traditionally unable to access educational services chlose to where they live. Educational endeavours on the part of individuals are seldom seen in connexions with the life of the communitiy als a whole. This also makes it more difficult for learners to integrate what they have learnt into the networt of social relationships such as exist in the village comunity. Setting up of L-Points: The L-point advisers recommend seekers after education first of all to look around in their communities for others with similar interests, and support this endeavour by inserting brief notices in the local press or community news-sheets.By entering the enquiries into a database, requirements can be collated across local-authority boundaries. The L-points help local inhabitants to plan their personal learning strategies, and to choose from among suitable courses. The decentralization of different kinds of education leads to an enhanced educational presence in local communities,and, by improving the quality of advice given by selected local-authority employees, to a lasting improvement in the quality of all the educational services on offer in the region.

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Cham, Germany
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