ROBIN - Regional Offensive for Education and Innovation in the Weserbergland region (Lower Saxony)

In the past the education funding agencies in the region have had no practice in or have had very different mechanisms for quality assurance. In the sense of a strong demand and user orientation - which is indispensable for winning the interest of citizens in the region in the subject of Lifelong Learning – the regional supply structures must be improved in quantity and quality. Up to now, gender mainstreaming has been either insufficiently or not at all defined as a quality criterion, and is hard to find in educational situations.

We offer all education institutions in the region which want to take part in the network, an overview of the important quality development systems. This happens through a written synopsis and through workshops. We present the QM systems: DIN-ISO, EFQM, LQW und LQS. Because we concentrate on the quality improvement and offers, we develop quality requirements for the institutions in the project. The education institutions which then want to fill these with concrete norms are able to
present themselves in the education portal and put all of their events in the regional further education database.

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