aware-regional-healthy (bewusst-regional-gesund): Leader Region Lower Austria-south (Niederösterreich Süd)


In agricultural areas there are lots of high quality products made in the region (vegetables, food, etc). Very often there is a lack of knowledge of how to work with these products in a professional way. Additionally there is a lack of awareness within the people but also special offers for the local gastronomy are missing.

The Region “Lower Austria-South” counts a competence centre – a vocational school for tourism. They are specialised in the field of wellness tourism and gastronomy. Now they want to build a bridge between other local primary/grammar-schools, farmers and producers and the gastronomic sector of the region.

As a long time perspective there should be established a service- and info-point giving impulses for local education, producers and gastronomy in the field of regional products and how to be able to work with them.

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