Creative Cities and Regions for an Innovative Europe - Brussels, 9th Open Day for cities and regions, 10-13. October 2011.

Creative cities and regions put innovation and culture at the heart of their work. By seeking progress across all economic, social and cultural spheres, they can improve their attractiveness, enhance citizens’ quality of life, and foster competitiveness. They generate creative dynamics that drive a knowledge-based economy, economic growth and social revitalisation. In the 2011 edition of the Open Days, the Province of Barcelona (ES) leads a consortium that will bring together the experiences of the cities of Varna (BG), Liverpool (UK), Vienna (AT) and Sofia (BG), as well as those of the regions of Central Finland (FI), Ljubljana (SI), Puglia (IT), Pomorskie and Wielkopolska (PL). Within the frame of the Europe 2020 strategy, this debate will identify the new opportunities that “creative activities” linked to creative economy can bring to a territory, and analyse the role of arts and culture in the relationship between creativity, innovation and competitiveness. Source: