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PALLACE Project - Course for Polticians and Professionals on Learning Organisations, Learning Cities and Regions

Roles, responsibilities and concepts for politicians and professionals – a short course

Presentations of the EUROlocal Conference

The final conference of the EUROlocal project was held on 26-28 October and was opened in the city of Murten, Switzerland, by the mayor of the city, Christian Brechbühl.  There followed a series of excellent presentations and workshop events for some 50+ participants from 15 countries in Europe.

Presentations were made by the following speakers; a compilation of their presentations is presented below with a link to download this at the foot of the page:

Presentazione della metodologia WOKA

Key Concepts - An Overview

The World Café is based on a few simple ideas, but those ideas are situated in a complex nexus that includes elements of process itself, philosophical thinking both historic and recent, a lexicon of new language, emergent social behaviors, and many other groups and methods that are exploring similar territory.

Juanita Brown, one of the co-founders of the World Café, wrote her doctoral thesis on the subject, and there is no better place to go to find the deep philosophical roots of the World Café as an experience and social phenomona.

Presentazione progetto LSP

Presentazione del progetto LSP

Production of regional TV and radio programmes

In the sub project "media literacy" (Medienkompetenz) the goal was to promote this key skill in all social groups. Media literacy was hereby interpreted as:
- the ability to deal with media in a self-determined and skilful way
- a way to take possession of the living and learning environment and to shape it
- the development of a critical ability to judge and a responsible commerce of media

In order to reach this goal support was given by the production of regional radio and TV programmes.

Projet PALLACE - Un cours pour les elus et les professionels sur le sujet de formation tout au long de la vie et villes apprenantes - Version Francaise

Les hommes et les femmes politiques locaux sont parmi les groupes les plus importants de ceux qui participent dans la transformation de la ville en Cité Apprenante. Contrairement à une opinion assez rependue les élus locaux sont des gens qui travaillent beaucoup en consacrant une grande partie de leur temps au service de la communauté dont ils/elles sont issues. Peu nombreux sont parmi eux les populistes dogmatiques intransigeants et enfermés dans leurs opinions. Aussi, peu nombreux sont ceux prêts are réduire les budgets pour obtenir l’approbation de son électorat.

QES Quality development system

The QES (QualitätsEntwicklungsSystem) quality development system, which is available for educational institutions as a system for certification was developed since 1999 by the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the TU Technical University of Dresden. It can also be used to support employees of various organisations during the implementation of other quality management systems, e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, the EFQM model or the LQW, and in this way support and prepare the successful certification.

QualITeach - IT further education and management system

The sub project QualITeach has an innovative character. For the first time the attempt is made to develop a regional master plan for the further education of teachers in the IT area. Thereby unitised new offers are developed and innovative learning forms and methods introduced.

For the first time a structured description of parallel existing further education offers of various IT offerers takes places, with the primary goal to determine how useful and how good they fit their purpose i.e. how good they meet the needs of the teachers and the education.

Régió és Oktatás/ Region and Education

Régió és oktatás/Region and Education
The periodical of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD-H)of Debrecen University

Regional educational centre for sustainability REBINA

The REBINA (Regionales Bildungszentrum für Nachhaltigkeit) has the task to establish the concept of a sustainable development in all societal dimensions. This shall be reached through a new service offer for the vocational education, further education measures for multipliers as well as through regional and transregional networking.

Regional Governance and Lifelong Learning Policies - publication

EARLALL and member governments are committed to drawing up a comparative paper, the purpose of which to identify the contribution that the Regions can make in implementing European strategy in the field of lifelong learning within the framework of European co-operation in the education and trainning sector in the 2020 perspective.
An analysis of the regional policies described shows how Regional Governments have essential roles in several issues to develop.

Regional networks and e-learning modules to improve the mathematical, natural scientific and technical education

A core area of the learning region EGOS is to improve the eduction within mathematics, natural science and engineering on all educational levels - starting with the schools, technical schools, universities, and ending with the further education and adjustment qualifications necessary in the world of today.

Regional transition management for juniors and seniors

The project has two target groups: younger people up to 25, who deal with the transition school to work and senior workers over 50. The network BELOS promotes the regional discussion about the chances and risks of the rapidly changing working life and seeks to find solutions to the occuring problems. Young people often have difficulties in entering the working world and seniors have increasing problems to keep their workplace or to find a new one. BELOS develops ideas and concepts and sensibilises the regional companies for these issues.

Report on the EUROlocal Conference

A report on the final conference of the EUROlocal project held on 26-28 October in the city of Murten, Switzerland together with additional materials from presentations and contributions.

Responsible Use of Soil and Land and Regional Development

The aim of this project co-ordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, which ran in three phases from 2004-2007 wass to co-operate in the development of measures against uncontrolled sealing and damage of soil and land. It is concerned with working on concepts for solving these complex problems in cooperation with graduate students and Ph.D. students from nine Danubian countries (DE, AT, HU, SK, CZ, BG, SI, YU, UA) and also representatives of science and political administration in the Neusiedlersee region.