Learning Region Osterholz Rural District (Lower Saxony)

Learning Region Osterholz Rural District (Lower Saxony)

Close-to-home qualifications for poorly educated target-groups

The Scharmbeck neighbourhood of Osterholz is home predominantly to ethnic German migrants from eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and to foreign migrants. Many of the inhabitants have poor knowledge of German, and their knowledge of German spelling is also bad. Accordingly, these men and women find it difficult to make job applications in the form now expected, and to find skilled work.

In the form of an open “learning workshop”, attendance at which is voluntary and without obligation, the inhabitants now have easy access to (self-organized) learning opportunities. The workshop includes a large classroom, a computer room with six computers (with internet access), a small lending library and an office. It is both a learning centre and a day centre where the inhabitants of the neighbourhood can meet. In this open learning service, the computer room is mostly used to look for jobs or training places via the internet, to write applications, and to improve German-language and computer skills using learning software.In addition to the services provided in the open learning workshop, we also run traditionally instructed courses. The contents of these courses depend on the requirements of the inhabitants, determined by questionnaires conducted in the neighbourhood. These classroom courses include German courses: for beginners, for participants with a basic knowledge, and for participants with a more advanced knowledge. Demand for these courses has far outstripped the expectations of the learning-workshop staff.

Sachsenring 11, 27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany
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