Professor Norman Longworth

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+33 (0)4 68 96 55 46

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Honorary Professor of Lifelong Learning

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Mas Oliver Sauver, Chemin de Las Pharaderes



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Areas and Length of Expertise:

  • 40 years International Project Management in Educational Technology, Lifelong Learning and Learning City/Region Matters
  • 20 years management experience in IBM
  • 20 years Development and application of Tools and Audits for implementing Lifelong Learning and Learning City/Region Policies
  • 20 years Development and application of Learning Materials for Lifelong Learning and Learning City/Region Topics

Recent research, development and consultancy and organisations:

  • European Commission projects Management and Advice
  • TELS (Towards a European Learning Society) Audit Tool for 80 Learning Cities
  • LILLIPUT, development of 200 hours of learning materials in 14 modules
  • PALLACE, Linking Learning Cities and Regions in 4 continents
  • INDICATORS – developing Stakeholder Audits for Transforming Local Authorities, Schools, Universities, SMEs and Adult LILARA (Learning in Local and Regional Authorities), developing Audit Tools to find Learning Needs of local and regional authority personnel and their stakeholders.
  • PENR3L (Pascal European Network) Workshops and Conference to establish European Network of Academics and Practitioners in Learning Cities/Regions 

Qualifications, Recognitions, Positions, Memberships:

  • Former President of European Lifelong Learning Initiative
  • Vice-President of World Initiative on Lifelong Learning (presently inactive)
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Arts and Manufactures
  • Former holder of IBM/UNESCO chair in learning and education technology
  • Holder of Visiting Chairs in 5 European Univerities
  • Former manager of IBM European external educational programmes
  • Consultancy work for OECD, European Commission, UNESCO etc 

Selected Publications:

  • ‘Lifelong Learning- new vision, new implications, new roles’ (Kogan Page (now Taylor and Francis) 1996)
  • ‘Lifelong Learning at Work: Learning Cities for a Learning Century’ (Kogan Page (now Taylor and Francis) 1999)
  • European Policy paper on the Local and Regional Dimension of Lifelong Learning (DG EaC 2001)
  • ‘Lifelong Learning in Action – Transforming Education in the 21st century’ (Kogan Page (now Taylor and Francis 2003)
  • ‘Learning Cities, Learning Regions, Learning Communities – Lifelong Learning and Local Government’ (Taylor and Francis 2006)
  • Perspectives on Learning Cities and Regions (Ed With M.J Osborne) (NIACE)
  • plus 100+ keynote and refereed conference papers, and chapters in other books