Community Learning Champions - A project to create learning communities in cities

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This project description outlines a a national scheme to train and support community learning champions and demonstrates how modest amounts of funding can help transform the lives of learners and build communities’ capacity for positive change. It refers to the appointment of local Champions - people who are respected and active in the community, town or city, and describes their role in building up community spirit and active citizenship. Community learning champions (CLCs), supported by governments of all complexions in the UK as part of a strategy to promote informal learning, share their enthusiasm for the benefits of learning by engaging with friends, relatives and perfect strangers and getting them involved. As volunteers, they provide support and mentoring for peers and also organise learning events themselves. They have proved their effectiveness in reaching out to others. The attached article – which appeared in Adults Learning – provides a progress report on the national support programme funded by the government and offers a flavour of CLC activities. The final report – see - showed that 2000 CLCs were able to involve 100,000 people in meaningful learning activities of all kinds. The article and the final report were written by Martin Yarnit and the support programme’s project manager, Liz Cousins. The programme continues albeit with a much reduced level of national support. The website contains a full account of the project, case studies and a series of short films.

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