LILLIPUT Learning Materials Module 1 - Introduction to Learning Cities and Regions - Why, What and How

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City/Regional Development
Tool type(s): 
Learning materials
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Learning Region Strategies
Target Sector(s): 
Local/Regional Authority
Target Sector(s): 

This module is the introductory module to a set of 14 dealing with different aspects of the construction of a 21st century Learning Society in towns, cities and regions. It examines the historical, geographical, educational, cultural, political, environmental and economic factors and trends which make the Learning Town, City and Region an important concept for our time.

The importance of this subject matter cannot be underestimated. Those cities, towns and regions which implement lifelong learning solutions to their educational future are the ones which will both prosper and create a more stable social infrastructure, as well as a citizenry with the skills and self-confidence to fulfil personal aspirations and dreams. The topics and lessons contained in this module therefore give an introduction to the key concepts and explain what a learning city is and why it is important. It identifies the people and institutions (the stakeholders) which can help in the building of the learning community and how this might be done.

The module includes the construction of a learning charter which would be the town’s, city’s or region’s commitment to the delivery of lifelong learning for all its citizens in the 21st century. Finally it presents a Case Study from one of the key partners in this project, Dublin, which has developed a sophisticated strategy for its own development as a Learning City, from which others can learn.

Module objectives
The overall objective of this module is to provide an overview of the issues and challenges facing towns, cities and regions in the present and the future, and to relate these to the actions they can take to become ‘Learning Towns, Cities and Regions’ in order to overcome those challenges.
Thus, at the end of this module learners will:

a) understand why a town, city or region needs to become a ‘learning community’
b) understand what a learning community is and how it is different from towns, cities and regions in the past
c) understand how the town, city and region can transform itself into a learning community
d) identify the stakeholders that will help to construct the learning community and how they interact with each other
e) identify and explore the domains within which a municipality can improve performance as a learning community
f) construct a learning charter for the development of a learning community
g) know how to develop a strategy for the construction of a learning community
h) construct forms and aids to help others understand and help develop the learning community

This module can be used in a variety of formal and non-formal learning institutions - adult education, universities, companies, and local and regional authorities themselves.