LR Mainz, Kinzig, Spessart - Accompanying further education for counselors

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Learning materials
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The current comprehensive changes in the living conditions, the economy and on the labour market demand that the people continuously adjust their knowledge and their qualifications. Lifelong Learning and corresponding offers is asked for. With it the request for competent information and counseling increases, which enables the individuals to form the own education, development and learning process. At the same time the demands on the counselors rise. Professional educational counseling can no longer be done as an aside, but asks for professional understanding.

The goal of the further education for counselors is to strengthen and enlarge the plot-oriented skills and special knowledge of people working with counseling tasks. In this way the qualification contributes to the professionalization of the counselors. A special emphasis is put on the networking of the counseling activity with other actions and institutions in the field of Lifelong Learning. The hands-on education addresses persons, who now or in future work with counseling in various fields.


Target groups:

-          People working with or attending to work with educational counseling in various fields (learning-, educational and further education counseling, competence development counseling etc.)

-          Employees at further educational institutions, schools, universities, facilities for further education counseling, Chambers, projects of the Learning Regions or other projects

-          Freelance counselors

Module 1:

Organisation of the counseling procedure 1

  • Reflection over the own field of activity
  • Tenor and self-concept
  • Counseling concepts and forms
  • Communication and counseling technics
  • Steering and course of actions of the counseling process

Module 2:

Organisation of the counseling procedure 2

  • Counseling technics and methods
  • Areas of counseling
  • Evaluation
  • Reflection of the practice

Module 3:

General set-up of professional counseling

  • Networking and interface management
  • Legal conditions

(possibilities of promotion and corresponding laws)

  • Framework within the labour market and within the educational system

Module 4:

Lifelong Learning: Challenges and topics

  • Learning in vita: critical personal experiences
  • Developmental psychological aspects in the context of educational counseling
  • Counseling offers: profile and presence

Module 5:

Competence assessment and measures

  • Overview of concepts, areas and instruments
  • Methods of assessment
  • Assessment on chosen fields of activities

Scope: The 5 modules have 120 teaching units (24 teaching units per module; one unit = 45 minutes).

The time between the phases of attendance is used for self-learning and practical testing of the learnt material, which is then treated in the modules. The self-learning parts (home work, preparation and post-processing) comprise about 50 hours.

The closing event serves the acquisition of a certificate (colloquium). Besides it offers interested persons a training for a multiplier function in future offers of the same kind.

The further education is an open further education offer. At the end of the course a certificate of attendance is handed out, but also a certification to a “Qualified educational counselor” can be taken. For this the following accomplishments shall be provided:

  • Participation in all modules
  • Documentation of the counseling practice
  • Writing of a practice oriented paper (about 15 pages)
  • Final colloquium


The further education connects personal experience with complementary respectively deepening knowledge. This includes group work, case studies, role play, triad exercise, various forms of collegial counseling, self-learning phases (documentation, analysis, text work, research), as well as learning in self-organised groups.

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