MoMeL - Mechatronics learning concept in module form

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The competence network mechatronics is a coalition for education and further education in the field of mechatronics. Participating are 15 companies from the region, the adult education centre Cham, vocational schools, two technical colleges and the chamber of commerce. The goal is to better the qualification, the application oriented research and development, as well as information in the seminal area of mechatronics. Joined in the network are firms with core competence in various fields of mechatronics, which guarantees that many competence areas are represented. The concept of the project is a partner model between economy and science.

In the project an internet based learning platform was implemented, which serves as an accompanying module for the education and further education in mechatronics. The goals of the project are:
- to increase the number of qualified employees in the field of mechatronics
- to create cooperation alliances and technology transfer within the network and beyond
- to support competitiveness and renaissance of traditional industry, engine building and electro-technics through the interdisciplinary mechatronics
- development of innovative patentable products through use of mechatronic knowledge
- attraction of skilled labour through the firm network and the technology core area
- creation and safeguarding of employment in the region

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