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Trends in Learning Region/City development

With the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities now accelerating into implementation after successful launches of the Beijing Declaration last October, the learning city scene is becoming more diverse and interesting. Several City networks have published their own set of indicators, many of them complementary to the GNLC's own 'key features' and PASCAL has branched out from PIE (Pascal International Exchanges) to launch 5 new learning city sites concentrating on specific aspects of learning city development.

Xploit, another KA4 project with synergies to EUROlocal

'EUROlocal is in close contact with a sister KA4 project named Xploit. Norman Longworth has attended, and contributed to, the first project meeting in Salt, Spain and as a result, has been asked to keep contact by attending the second meeting in Swansea in October.

Like Eurolocal, The XPLOIT Project is a European Project on Training and Lifelong Learning activities promoted by the European Commission within the "LLL - Lifelong Learning Program".

PIE and EUROlocal

PIE is now a vibrant discussion site with comments from a variety of people around the world. Now we need to make EUROlocal equally vibrant.

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