HEEFS publish case study of EUROlocal Opportunity for dissemination

Higher Education European Funding Services (HEEFS) is the UK HE Sector’s shared service providing information, advice and support to HEIs wishing to obtain EU funds to support transnational collaboration.You can find information about them and the services they offer on our website www.heefs.ac.uk. They produce a monthly Bulletin, providing information on the latest calls for proposals issued by the EU, the January 2011 edition is available to download from HEEFS Bulletin 25 January 2011.

They are currently developing their information bank on the 20+ EU Programmes that offer opportunities for HEIs. One source of information they would like to build and make available to share across the sector is a series of case studies of successful UK HEI led projects. Their aim is to make the case studies available on their website; to include them in our Bulletins and refer to them in presentations we make at our Briefing events.

They asked us to consider providing them with a brief case study of the EUROlocal project. They are not only keen to learn more about our project but also our experiences of working with transnational partners. The HEEF Bulletins are currently emailed to more than 600 colleagues in HEIs across the UK, so information about our project will be circulated widely which will, of course, help us to meet the requirements for dissemination stipulated in the Programme.

Published Glasgow KA4 Dissemination.doc220 KB