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The final conference of the EUROlocal project was held on 26-28 October and was opened in the city of Murten, Switzerland, by the mayor of the city, Christian Brechbühl.  There followed a series of excellent presentations and workshop events for some 50+ participants from 15 countries in Europe.

Presentations were made by the following speakers; a compilation of their presentations is presented below with a link to download this at the foot of the page:

Maike Koops (European Commission)

Doru Hobjila (Committee of the Regions)

Lynette Jordan (Glasgow University)

Norman Longworth (Adviser to the EUROlocal Project)

Rudolf Tippelt (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Paolo Federighi (EARLALL)

Jutta Thinesse-Demel (German Learning Regions)

Ruth Jermann (Swiss Adult Education Association)

Thomas Eckert (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Randolph Preisinger-Kleine (German Learning Regions) and Muir Houston (University of Glasgow) on behalf of the R3L+ project

Jin Yang (UNESCO)

Markku Markulla (President of the EPPs Europe 2020 Taskforce Finland)



EUROlocal online PDF

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