Bulgaria - learning region development summary

Since Bulgaria became a full member of the European Union, some core initiatives of the learning city-region model were put into practice in order to move beyond a dominantly rhetoric-driven approach. One must recognise, that regardless of several threats and difficulties, Bulgarian cities and regions tried to initiate co-operations of cities/regions, educational and training (VET) institutions, some universities and SMES for developing training programmes, competence development and even upgrading skills of adult learners and even of trainers so as to provide a better climate and environment to shift from basic models to applied structures being able to respond to more concrete social and economic needs articulated by several stakeholders trying to improve economic productivity and or social stability in cities and/or regions being articulated in several European for a, like that of Open Days in Brussels in October 2011 organised by the Committee of the Regions, focusing on local and regional development in Europe. Having formulated their efforts on such grounds, the Municipalities of Varna and Sofia from Bulgaria tried to apply for becoming a Creative City and Region for an Innovative Europe in 2011. Source: http://cor.europa.eu/en/news/opendays/Pages/f9b9d8d2-0133-425b-b034-37e1...
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