EUROlocal Knowledgebase - Overview

Here, you will explore the knowledgebase which makes up EUROlocal. We actively encourage interested parties to submit new entries or amendments by first contacting the team

Professor Norman Longworth has provided EUROlocal Partners with an exhaustive analysis of the types of information they should seek out for their own regions.  The website development team has analysed these categories and "rationalised" them into a more manageable set of basic data types. No loss of detail is involved, as options under the basic data types allow full expansion of the data back to Professor Longworth's analysis:

ResourceRESOURCES: Examples of good practice, research, tools, learning materials, charters, festivals and other resources related to the development of lifelong learning regions

OrganisationORGANISATIONS: Learning region networks, associations, organisations and other physical and organizational structures which foster, develop and maintain learning regions

ProjectPROJECTS: European, national or regional projects which foster the development of lifelong learning regions

PublicationPUBLICATIONS: Papers, reports, books, research results, maps and other printed materials on European learning region topics

EventEVENTS: EUROlocal project, learning region and related events throughout Europe

ContactCONTACTS: Profiles for all people entered on EUROlocal

WeblinkWEBLINKS: European learning region-related website links

GlossaryGLOSSARY: Explanations and definitions of terms related to EUROlocal