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Vocational and working world preparation for scholars that are learning-disabled and have behavioral problems

The sub project is carried through by the Technology and Vocational Education Centre of Eisenach (Technologie- und Berufsbildungszentrum Eisenach). Important is a continuous cooperation with handicraft and industrial companies, employment bureau and youth welfare offices, vocational counselling and parental organisations. In the vocational fields metal-, wood-, and building technics, color and interior design, as well as garden and landscape tendance 16 handicraft and industrial companies have committed themselves to a cooperation during the project time.

Vocational choice roadmap

The vocational choice roadmap (Berufswahlfahrplan) is a regional coordination instrument for the transition school to occupation. The goal is to close information gaps and achieve transparency. A better cooperation and coordination shall be reached between the companies, administrative bodies, educational institutions and schools.

Vocational counselling networks

The slogan of the region is "Successful structural change through (further) education". Central for the region is the structural change caused by the reduction of jobs in the mining industry. Therefore the transition from school to occupation was declared to the central theme in this learning region.

Vocational mentors

School students who still have no idea of the career they wish to pursue, or who receive no support in this matter from their parents, are assigned a “vocational mentor”. These individuals support the young people with practical tips and contacts, e.g. when seeking a training place, when getting their application forms together, or when preparing for job interviews. The “vocational mentors” however