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Cultural tourism

Sachsen-Anhalt has places of cultural interest, industry-historical monuments and areas of unspoiled nature and thus the potential for a modern, qualitatively high class and innovative cultural tourism.

Culture interpreters

Culture interpreters (Kulturdolmetscher) have an important bridge-building function between the original home country and the host society of the migrants. In many societal fields there is a need to interpret not only the language, but also the cultural background. Communication difficulties and lack of information between people can so be lessened and the motivation to communicate strengthened.

The offers to cultural understanding include:
- counselling for parents and pupils
- transition counselling
- school career counselling

Das Personalentwicklungskolleg

Qualifizierung in und für Unternehmen Das Personalentwicklungs-Kolleg ist ein innovatives Qualifizierungsangebot für Betriebe exklusiv im Landkreis Emmendingen zur Steigerung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und zur effektiven Zukunftssicherung. Leistungsumfang / Gesamtlaufzeit Das Kolleg umfasst fünf Workshops für Unternehmer, eine Praxisbegleitung mit Trainern im Betrieb und vier Mitarbeiterseminare für je zwei Mitarbeiter. An einem Personalentwicklungs-Kolleg können maximal 8–12 Unternehmen teilnehmen. Insgesamt ist für das Kolleg eine Gesamtlaufzeit von ca. sechs Monaten vorgesehen.

Development of new vocational fields in rural areas

The learning network of Lusatia has developed new vocational fields. As a consequence of the German reunification small and middle sized farms have emerged in the area. In order for them to have a future new innovative ideas and concepts are needed. One of them sees the farmers in future also as "energy farmers". This means that renewable energy produced in agriculture and biomass is used to produce electrical energy and heat. For example block heat and power plants can be can be run with vegetable oil or biogas produced from liquid manure.

Digital Games for Inclusion.

Digital Games for Inclusion

In June 2012 Aarhus Social and Healthcare College was invited to dialogues in Sevilla Spain with the EU Commission’s research group Digital Games for Inclusion.

The research group’s mission is to prepare future European policy and funding program initiatives in the field of serious games for inclusion, with a special focus on inclusion of young people and strongly linking to innovation of educational didactics.

E-learning in schools and companies

In the development of e-learning a cooperation takes place between companies, schools and vocational schools. The teachers have taken part in schooling for tutors (platform Moodle - a communication and learning platform). Themes for e-learning have been e.g. "vanilla" (formulation of a flavouring substance), "the own four walls" (building loan agreement), and "area monitoring" (construction and installation of an alarm system). In "your dream home" e.g. the students developed a flyer. The target group of it are young people interested in buying real estate.

Education atlases

Education atlases - Bildungsatlanten

The Learning Quarter Gallus (Lernviertel Gallus), a coordination and consultation point for education and learning in the quarter Gallus in Frankfurt was established to make the educational offers transparent and to promote cooperation and activities of the educational marketing.

Educational market place Osterholz

The concept of the educational market place Osterholz (Bildungsmarktplatz Osterholz) is to make educational offers from the region available to everyone over internet. On the educational market place all available educational offers are summarised on one place: in the internet. It is a technical platform, where the offers of the educational providers can be accessed from a data bank by the users.

Interested persons can inform themselves about the educational offers, the contents, time, costs and place. Moreover one can register at once and comfortably online.


Our network has fully developed a pedagogically effective, organisationally flexible and economically attractive teaching and learning system which is ready to be implemented. We are testing the effects in the children’s rehabilitation
clinic “am Nicolausholz” in Bad Kösen. Tutors lead the learners and look after them.

ELLI Report on the International Online Survey

This reports on a survey conducted in 2008 to inform the development of the ELLI Index on LLL.

Environmental education: linking of the solar schools

The field of environmental education in the form of a holistic future-oriented way of thinking plays an important part within the learning region. In the environment model making multimedia-based learning is connected to nature-oriented learning. The nature-oriented learning is learning in a discovering and inventing way. Nature is used as an inspirationsource to solve problems.

Erkundendes Lernen im Lernfeld Natur - Exploring learning in the learning field nature

Learning about nature and the outdoors through exploratory learning. This project aims to further develop and establish "exploratory learning" in nature for both children and adults and to highlight the importance of this kind of learning. Activities carried through include: "the green class room" and "Kindergarten outdoors".

Experiment and learning workshop

In the "experiment and learning workshop" (Experimentier- und Lernwerkstatt ELW) of the Learning Alliance Norderstedt participants, educational providers and companies meet to develop and try out new learning forms, projects and products.

Family Learning Days - an innovative way of building a learning society

Family Learning Day

The UK Campaign for Learning runs its Family Learning Day in the September of each year. It is intended to be an opportunity for families and their friends to get together and have fun learning something new. The learning may be new to the whole family or may be a chance for one family member to share skills or knowledge with the rest of the family.

Forum innovation and potential promotion

The sub project analysis the qualification gaps in SMEs in the region. Moreover four workshops are planned:

- use of new learning forms in companies - self-learn media, blended learning, cooperation with the local self-learning centre
- participation in further education in companies - involving underpriviledged groups, creation of learning environments etc
- innovation and potential promotion of founders of new businesses and of the new companies - use of knowledge, need for further education, knowledge management
- diversity as innovation potential