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From Consultation to Empowerment in Learning Cities and Regions

The attached diagram shows hoe a consultative process can lead to empowerment ina Learning City. Shown as a staircase it depicts A 'consultation staircase' showing the different levels of consultation from information-giving to implementation.

The Information Provision process is the basic act of letting citizens know about an event or a development and asking them to accept it. From the local and regional administration viewpoint, citizens are subscribers (or not) to the decisions made by the city or regional council and its professionals.

German-Danish Children’s Museum in Flensburg

The German-Danish Children’s Museum in Flensburg is the first-ever bilingual children’s museum and the only one to be organized on cross-border lines. The Flensburg Children’s Museum is aimed at German and Danish children in the age-group between four and eleven, together with their families. Alongside individual
visitors, we also address parties such as school classes and groups from nursery schools and other institutions north and south of the border between Germany and Denmark.

The permanent components of the museum are:
• workshops for children of various ages;

German-Polish Education and Counselling Centre

The goal of the German-Polish Education and Counselling Centre(Das Deutsch-Polnische Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum DPBBZ) is to make a contribution to the economic development and to regional change. It gives advice to educational institutions in developing offers, as well as to citizens to use these possibilities, and it supports companies and institutions by the build-up of Polish-German cooperation. The core is to convey intercultural competence, which is seen as a key for a sustainable economic development and for the development of a good neighbourhood.

Global Learning Case Study - Teaching about Global Issues and Empowering Students

In building its learning regions, Europe can learn much from the rest of world. The following is a case study of how to engage older students in schools with global issues, and thus to give them the international outlook that a successful Learning Region can use.

Engaging and Empowering Students:
A Framework for Teaching about Global Issues and Solutions
by Gilda K. Wheeler and Kim Rakow Bernier

Helsinki as an Open and Intercultural City - Final Report

The main issue addressed is How can Helsinki become a city for
which increased openness as well as growing cultural diversity is
both a driver of international competitiveness and a source of wellbeing
and prosperity for all its citizens?


Helsinki – an Educating, Training, and Learning City presents
research and pilot projects made by various Helsinki City departments responsible
for educational, cultural and personnel affairs.

Hotline for questions to education

Hotline for questions to education - Info-fon für Bildungsfragen

The hotline "Bildungsanschluss" (education access) with information service for people interested in education in the metropolitan region Hamburg, situated in the adult education centre (Volkshochschule) Pinneberg, has been very successful. People interested can in this way get detailed information to educational offers in the region. Callers, among others, have been:

- women with children who plan a re-entry into working life and thus look for further education offers

Human Resources Development Course

The Learning Regions Network – District of Emmendingen developed the Human Resources Development Course, a locally organised, flexible, company-specific and cross-sectoral workshop aimed at personnel managers and employees of small and mediumsized companies. The courses are combined with in-house training in the respective companies.

I-PRO Innovative Product Management

Product management organisation varies a lot, particularly in medium-sized enterprises. But all scenarios have the following in common:
• Product management includes strategic and operative facets, and thus in many cases it is a question of corporate hierarchical levels,
• Product management is a highly complex management process requiring a vast comprehensive knowledge, in particular “integration know-how”,
• In a wider context, and as measured by the number of vacancies, product management is the order of the day for many companies.

IAVE Charter for Volunteering and Active Citizenship

A Learning Region is a contributing Region tapping into the talents, experiences, knowledge and skills of all its citizens. In this way it develops its potential. The charter below was created by the International Association for Volunteer effort and encapsulates the spirit of active citizenship.

IDEOPOLIS - A concept for Learning Regions


A city whose economy is driven by the creative search for and the application of new ideas, thinking and knowledge, - and is firmly routed to the creative transfer of ideas, to opportunities, to innovation, and eventually to production.
Cannon et al

An ideopolis is a city of ideas, where knowledge, creativity, enterprise, connectivity and the quality of life combine to create a dynamic local economy. In effect, ideopolis are cities where those who can choose where to work and live, choose to work and live.

In-school educational service

The Dachau Skills Agency has developed an in-school educational service known as “Step Out – Skills 2007” (in the original: “Step Out – Kompetenz 2007”). It is a long-term programme specially developed for students at Dachau’s middle and high schools and is designed to help promote the personalities of future school leavers, as well as to develop the skills which will be needed as they “step out” into life.

Infopoint Europe

The goal of this subproject is to promote the intercultural exchange and transnational cooperation. Through the learning of intercultural competence the integration of migrants and the competitiveness of organisations shall be strengthened.

The infopoint Europe shall function as a first contact point. The askers can then be further referred to competent contact persons in the region and the Federation. At the infopoint information to the following themes is available:
- European exchange programmes
- traineeships

Initiatives and projects of the Learning Region Lake Constance

The Learning Region 'Lake Constance' has developed new initiatives. These include, among others, an education data bank, a learning service advice network (the L-Points), competence development, learning in nature, help with the transition from school to work, parental training, promotion of employment in SMEs,and international cooperation.

Inspiring City and Regional Development through Learning - an Introductory Presentation

This self-explanatory and colourful presentation comprises an introduction to the characteristics of learning cities and regions. It outlines how they are different and spells out the economic, social and environmental advantages. It shows how the tools, learning materials and knowledge in EUROlocal can assist cities and Regions to become learning entities, facing the future with confidence and transforming the lives of their citizens, It can be used in live debates and as a looping presentation at conferences and exhibitions