Business Models to Support Learning - Commercialization Strategies Evolved from the Project

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Business Models to Support Learning Regions - Commercialization Strategies Evolved from the Project

Erik Wallin
Beate Hausmann
Martin Möller

This report has been written in the framework of the project, funded by the European Commission within the Socrates Programme - R3L initiative
2003-0312/001-001 EDU Regnet
November 2004

In this report the focus is on the business models and measures for commercialization that can be of relevance to design, produce and make available more market oriented local learning systems as a professional service for villages and local communities. The main conclusion of these discussions related to the project and its outcomes is that there still is much to do in order to acquire all of the necessary infrastructures in order to allow rapid eLearning on demand, just in time and just enough.

Also the contents of learning must be made more flexible and the current development of industrial standards for eLearning objects seems to be very promising as an enabling technology for localized and personalized learning systems. The concept of local learning systems has, in the project, taken as a key business opportunity for further exploitation of the results from the project into
products and services.

The project has been managed by Erik Wallin, associate professor at the Department of Informatics and project manager at the Office for Continuous and Distance Education (OCDE). The project was initially formulated by Erik Wallin as an attempt to empirically test a model for third mission oriented eLearning called the Conversity model, developed by him. The conclusion reached from the project is that the Conversity model for locally embedded learning systems seems to be a promising model to develop further in order to better support local and regional innovation systems as an integral part of the third mission.